Dr. Kamel Al-Khalil, Director of Engineering

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Dr. Al-Khalil has been employed at Cox & Company since 1994. He was the Principal Investigator of three NASA SBIR contracts that successfully completed Phase-II developments of new ice protection system technologies and ice crystal simulation in icing wind tunnels. Dr. Al-Khalil holds two patents on Cox Hybrid Ice Protection Systems that are currently used on two business jets and a large UAV aircraft. Also, Dr. Al-Khalil was the project lead to design and fabricate a new spray bar system for simulating high altitude ice crystal environments in the NASA Glenn Propulsion Systems Lab. He has led thermal ice protection system programs for heated fairings and engine intakes on fixed wing and rotorcraft, and directs the development of new low power de-icing technologies.

He holds a Doctorate in Engineering Science from the University of Toledo where he studied the physics of runback water on thermally anti-iced aircraft surfaces. He worked in the Icing Technology Branch at the NASA Glenn Research Center, as a recipient of a National Research Council award. While at NASA, Dr. Al-Khalil developed the ANTICE computer code for electro-thermal and hot air anti-icing systems simulation, which is currently integrated in the NASA LEWICE icing simulation code.