The People at Cox & Company

We the employees at Cox & Company own a 100% of the firm. We own our success, and the pride shows in our our products and services.

Engineers, management, assemblers, technicians, and support staff all work under one roof - this defines our work culture.

Name - Mechanical Engineer

_____ is an Mechanical Engineer who's been at Cox for X years after transferring from working at Northrop Grumman. A resident of Long Island (or New York,) _____ and his family enjoys (hobby) and loves to fly, obtaining his private pilot's license through Cox & Company's support.

Name - Electronics Assembler

_____ is an Assembler who's been at Cox for X years, manufacturing and putting componant for the most advanced military and business aircraft. _____ has been with the company through our move from Manhattan to Long Island. Our manufacturing plant's early start, early finish schedule allows _____ to work a full day and arrive home when his/her children return from school.


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Employee - Business Development Manager

_____ is our Business Development Manager who has been at Cox for X years, initially starting as an electrical engineer, but moving into a program management and busines development role. Cox & Company has helped _____ attain his MBA, which has helped him grow both professionally inside and outside the firm.

Employee 4 - Quality Engineer

_____ is an Mechanical Engineer who's been at Cox for X years. _____ oversees our assembly and manufacturing processes, ensuring that the products reaching our commercial, business and military customers are safe and effective in the toughest icing conditions.

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