Electro-Thermal Ice Protection Systems

Cox & Company designed and produced the first composite electro-thermal ice-protection aircraft system. For over 50 years, Cox has continued provide the  most advanced electro-thermal ice protection solutions incorporating latest advances in analytical modeling, thermal design, material science, composite, metal structural design, and power control avionics.

Structural Analysis & Design

Conform to aircraft manufacturer's CATIA or other electronic database, loft lines or installation data, including unusual shapes, sizes and double curvature surfaces.

Material Science

Reliable, light-weight, fiberglass and/or carbon fiber epoxy heated structures for temperature applications up to 350°F. Cox's proprietary elastomeric metal/hybrids reach service temperatures exceeding 400°F.

Custom Heater Design

Developed using Cox's proprietary and NASA Icing Codes. Validated with Cox Thermal Test Management Systems (TTMS) and inside the LeClerc Icing Research Laboratory (LIRL).

Cox & Company's history began with providing electro-thermal ice protection systems, and it continues this legacy by protecting the latest fixed-wing and rotory aircraft. A selection of ice protection system solutions is shown below; for additional details, please contact our business development team.

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